Connect to Xen Project Dom0 using RDP over SSH

The purpose of this tutorial is to show how to connect a client computer to a Xen Project Dom0 using the remote desktop protocol (“RDP”) tunneled through SSH. The information provided below may also be useful to individuals attempting to configure any client-to-server RDP connection. This tutorial assumes a Xen Project Dom0 is installed on […]

Using xen-tools to Delete DomU Virtual Machines in Xen Project Hypervisor

The following is a guide for deleting paravirtualized (“PV”) DomU virtual machines in Xen Project Hypervisor using xen-tools. Although xen-tools supports loopback, EVMS, and LVM partition types, this guide focuses on LVM-based DomU only. That being said, the information provided below may be easily adapted for use with loopback and EVMS-based DomU. If you’re looking […]