Create Disk Image File for DomU Virtual Machine

In this short tutorial we detail how to create a raw disk image file using qemu-img. Once created, we pass the disk image file to a virtual machine (“VM”) and use it as a virtual disk on which to install the VM’s operating system. Although this tutorial uses the “raw” disk image format, according to […]

Using xen-tools to Create DomU Virtual Machines in Xen Project Hypervisor

The following is a guide for creating paravirtualized (“PV”) DomU virtual machines in Xen Project Hypervisor using xen-tools. If you are looking for an in-depth Xen Projoect Hypervisor guide, please refer to Installing Xen Project Hypervisor on Debian 9: An in-depth beginner’s guide. Software Versions The software versions used in this guide include xen-tools version […]